Indian EMS provider: Syrmatech

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a leading electronic devices manufacturing company, which manufactures Precision Coils, RFID Tags, Magnetics, PCB, Transponders and PCBA for different commercial applications. Found at Chennai, India.

Syrma has actually been supplying coils, Magnetics and also RFID to leading OEM’s from across the globe. With making plants throughout South Asia as well as the increasing need of contracting out from OEM’s, Syrma has a competitive advantage by offering inexpensive premium quality items.

Syrmatech is an electronics manufacturing firm india, which produces RFID passive tag, RFID labels, Transponders, RFID Cards as well as Precision Coils as well as Magnetics for different industries application. Syrma Innovation supplies high quality as well as economical Electronic devices manufacturing solutions and also digital elements from our cutting-edge centers.

Syrma Technology is part of the Tandon Group of Companies. Over the last 30 years, Tandon Group firms have been pioneers in digital production and outsourced style solutions.

Syrma has actually constructed a reputation of supplying top quality, top quality electronic production solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across wide market segments: Telecommunication, Computer System, Industrial Controls, Automotive as well as Medical.

Our options and operations are customized to the tool quantity, greater mix sections of our target audience. Continuous process renovations and also design advancement enable us to keep a close eye on prices without compromising high quality.

We constantly make every effort to delivery a quality product to our client in a timely manner at the best rate.

Along with being a complete Electronic devices Production Provider (EMS) company, Syrma has established itself as a major supplier of electronic elements to leading Global OEMS.

Syrma Advantages:

1. Wide market knowledge
2. Tidy room atmosphere
3. High precision product outcome
4. Soldering under microscopic lense
5. R&D Facilities
6. ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Precision Coils manufactured by Syrma are exported to Lot of money 500 companies and find their application in rigorous setting. Syrma has capability to create RFID Tags for IC’s used by Philips, EM Marin, Atmel, Texas, Silicon chip or any other producer.

The RFID Tags can be delivered in Labels, Cards, Epoxy Overmoulding, Potted, Glass Tubes etc The RFID Labels find application in Possession Tracking, stock control, Animal Recognition, Gain Access To Control or any other Identification or Tracking Application. Syrma manufacture various RFID Products like Transponders, ISO Cards, Tags, Wristbands, Inlets, Clamshell Cards and also Key Fobs. Syrmatech has established RFID Tags for Metal Working Atmosphere and High Temperature Setting.

Syrma offers Magnetic Parts for Telecommunications, Power, Lighting or any other application. Syrma can aid consumer on Cost Reduction by dealing with alternative materials. Syrma makes ROHS Compliant Products. Syrmatech manufacture customized developed Magnetics. Our magnetic components find application in Lighting, Residence Equipments, Computers, Communication, Protection, Automotive as well as Customer Electronics, and so on